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The project is the new word in the meaning of hiring. Instantly, only in one click, you can send thousands of emails. Taking into account, CardinalHire will help you to save a huge amount of time and money while you search for the best candidate for the Employer. As for the Qualified Engineers, CardinalHire guarantees great experience in finding new desired jobs, with interesting challenges, and fast connection with hiring managers of top-notch Tech and Start-up companies.


We entered this project once MVP had been done. The code base and architecture were in poor condition so it took some time to build a plan on improving the overall situation with the app.

  • Testing suite for app
  • Refactoring and rewriting
  • Removing unused modules
  • Adding new features
  • Architecture redesign


Refactor, cleanse and rewrite existing modules. Lots of architectural decisions have been implemented to improve the scalability and performance of the app. Hundreds of stale code lines have been removed. Improved documentation.

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Check out examples of other projects: wing, getvibe, venn, herokey, mrsool


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