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ProductPine is an e-commerce platform that is joining more than 100 different vendors from all around the world.

ProductPine Description


The App itself was on a go. But still, there were many places to improve and redesign. Development speed was poor and the number of tasks was huge. And, of course, the most important was to build an app within all code conventions and stylings, OOP, and architecture best practices.

  • Designing and building of special Recommendation Engine
  • Building customer views and stores
  • Refactoring stale code
  • Test coverage
  • Improvement of scalability


Worked as a team to deliver a Brand Management System which is an awesome dashboard where brands can create/update their products and they are automatically published to Shopify, and see their reports as well. Also, we integrated with Channel Engine to import the orders to the Brand Management System.

ProductPine Solutions


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Client Feedback

We are very happy with the development of talent that New Wave Devs has brought us in touch with. They have been a successful part of our team for the last few months and we will continue to work with them in the future.

Camiel van Dooren

Co-founder & CEO at Productpine


Ruby Rails ReactJs Python

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